Convolutional Neural Networks with Swift for TensorFlow
Image Recognition and Dataset Categorization

Brett Koonce

Swift for Tensorflow is poised to revolutionize machine learning by simplifying the process of generating custom code. In this upcoming book, Brett Koonce will teach convolutional neural networks using this new framework. You will build from the basics to the current state of the art and be able to tackle new problems.

What You will Learn

Who This Book is For

Developers with Swift programming experience who would like to learn convolutional neural networks by example using Swift for Tensorflow as a starting point.

Dive into and apply practical machine learning and dataset categorization techniques while learning Tensorflow and deep learning. This book uses convolutional neural networks to do image recognition all in the familiar and easy to work with Swift language.

It begins with a basic machine learning overview and then ramps up to neural networks and convolutions and how they work. Using Swift and Tensorflow, you’ll perform data augmentation, build and train large networks, and build networks for mobile devices. You’ll also cover cloud training and the network you build can categorize greyscale data, such as MNIST, to large scale modern approaches that can categorize large datasets, such as Imagenet.

Convolutional Neural Networks with Swift for Tensorflow uses a simple approach that adds progressive layers of complexity until you have arrived at the current state of the art for this field.